Kindergarten students create their own gym circuit

photo 1The Kindergarten students created their own gym circuit in Physical Education class. They drew the circuit and coached their class peers with clear instructions, modelling and safety rules.

Here are the comments from the students after the class:

Jessica: “J’aime bien jouer dans le tunnel parce que il est très longue.”
John: “I like the round blocks, wheel shape, because I like to roll in them. I like to make some soup with the coloured balls. I like the jungle.”
Samantha: “I like the orange blocks because it has the shape of a car.”
Enzo: “Moi, j’aime bien jouer avec les ballons.”
Myrthe : “Moi, j’aime bien jouer dans le tunnel. I also like the chicken ladder.”
Ryan: “I like bouncing on the trampoline.”

By Coach Simon, ES Physical Education Teacher