Global Issues Network club combats global issues at a local level

GINThe Global Issues Network, or GIN, is an organization founded in 2003 at the International School of Luxembourg. It is based off of a book called High Noon: Twenty Global Problems, Twenty Years to Solve Them. Since its founding it has spread to over 500 schools around the world, including St. John’s. At St. John’s, the club works to combat global issues at a local level. The past few years the club has worked to make the school more sustainable. To do this, the club has started many projects. Some of these include trying to get a spider plant in every classroom, starting a vegetable garden on the rooftop, combatting the excess use of lights, and many more.

The club also travels each year to the Global Issues Network Conference. At the conference, the students give a presentation about what they are doing at their school and also listen to other school’s presentation. There are also keynote speakers who present to all the students about what they do to combat global issues. Last year, the conference was held in Luxembourg at the Chamber of Commerce. One of the keynote speakers was the Duchess of Luxembourg. This year the conference will be held in Milan and the St. John’s GIN club will send a group of nine students and one teacher.

By Zach, 11th grade student