The International Award teaches students perseverance and teamwork

abbey roadLast spring five of us traveled to Luxembourg to complete our Gold Award Expedition. We hiked around Luxembourg for 4 days, camping and cooking for ourselves. For Gold Award we had to decide to do our expedition outside of Belgium, we chose Luxembourg thinking it would be flat however this was not the case! Although it was a beautiful countryside, we often compared it to The Shire, there were a lot of steep hills which was very challenging when carrying our 20kg packs. However, this challenge taught us to persevere, and make the best out of a bad situation. Everyone had their moments of weakness but due to our extensive compassion and teamwork we were able to lift each other up and all achieve our goal. Although this was an incredibly challenging experience we have never laugh so much and had so much fun in the outdoors!

Participating in international award throughout high school has been a rewarding experience for all of us as we had the opportunity to experience the outdoors first-hand, getting out of our technological bubble.

By Ella, 12th grade student participating in the International Award