HS students discuss “In what world do you want to live in 2030?”

On March 13, High School students took part in a presentation and workshop led by Youth Ambassadors from ONE, an international NGO of more than six million people taking action to end extreme poverty and preventable disease. The question of the day was: “In what world do you want to live in 2030?” The goal: to involve young people in development work and show that they have a voice that should be heard.

dfgdLucy Hunt, ONE Youth Ambassador, said of the day at St. John’s: “It was really interesting for us to hear what the students think about development and extreme poverty, as well as their thoughts on the best way raise awareness at the local level. It was inspiring to hear how active they already are in campaigning, school clubs and community projects.”

One student commented: “I didn’t know there was so much extreme poverty in the world. It is shocking that so many people survive on less than 84 cents per day.” In another class, the realisation that smallpox and tuberculosis still claims victims in 2015 came as a shock. “We need to put pressure on politicians, to make them aware of it,” another student said. The thoughtful, passionate responses were very motivating for the Ambassadors, who are young activists themselves. With the next generation so informed and proactive, we can certainly be hopeful about our world of 2030.