Middle School students participate in international math competition in Toulouse

Ice cream after all that math!

Six of our MS students went to Toulouse last month to represent St John’s at the    ISMTF Middle School Math Competition.  This is an annual competition held between  teams of middle school students of International Schools from around the world.  This  year, we competed against schools from Switzerland, France, Germany, India, UAE  (Dubai), Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Poland, Italy, Tunisia, and Egypt.

Two teams from St John’s competed: one 8th grade team (Amelia, Frederico and Danny)  and one 7th grade team (Yusuke, Eunseo and Hongyi).  The 8th grade team scored 48 points and the 7th grade team scored 73 points. The winning team (International School of Lausanne) scored a total of 96 points out of a possible 104.  Both teams did very well during the competition, and did our school proud for a first participation in this event!

 By Clara Huizink, MS Math Teacher