What we are made of – human anatomy in art

dfsdGrade 7 art students are working on understanding the human anatomy.  We made drawings of Malvolio, our life-size class skeleton. Drawing the bones of the foot and hand explains how we can bend our fingers in order to use our hands for example. We made drawings of the skull and then investigated what the facial muscle layers look like. Our final works of art will show the underlying bone structure, the muscle layers and then finally the outer skin.

Art as a subject is always about much more than just drawing and painting. It is about learning through art, learning about art, making connections to other areas of study, developing our understanding of the world and how it works.  Our curiosity has been provoked! Some of us may end up as nurses, physiotherapists, medical doctors, surgeons or even forensic scientists.  If you would like to see some our original anatomy works of art, pop in to the MS art Show on May 5 after school, or drop in to the Art Studios on Family Day on Sunday, May 10 from 12:00-16:00.

By Stephanie Wintjes, MS/HS art teacher