St. John’s NHS students raise funds for Nepal with lunch initiative

003The St. John’s National Honors Society (NHS) students were touched by the stories of devastation surrounding the recent earthquake in Nepal, and they decided that they wanted to do something to make a difference. Tara, the new president of the NHS, volunteered the services of her mother who comes from India and is an amazing cook, and they decided to sell Indian food during lunchtime in order to raise money to support the earthquake relief efforts.

Everyone wanted to help, but the real question was how they could make sure that their efforts and financial support would really make a positive impact. After some research and engaged discussion, the group decided to support the relief efforts of the Salvation Army, who have a reputation for making sure that donations actually get to the point of need.

After taking time to consider the ethical implications of their actions, they got to work, and on Thursday, they sold about 90 plates of delicious Indian food in a little over 30 mins, raising over 450 Euro to support the relief efforts of the Salvation Army in Nepal. All the while, a slide show played in the background on C-level to raise awareness about the situation and the work of the Salvation Army. The event was a great success and the initiative, commitment, and collaboration of the NHS students was a great model for students and adults alike in the St. John’s community.

By Daniel Johnston, Dean of students/CAS Coordinator