Grade 9 students explore history of coal mining in Belgium

IMG_0458The St. John’s ninth grade social studies students took a trip to the science museum in Frameries. The museum was based around the history of coal mining in Belgium. Some groups saw “H2O – The Movie”, which presented an extraordinary juxtaposition between images of water on earth and of those who today are completely deprived of this essential source of life. Tremendous amounts of water used, each day, for agricultural uses collide with the needs of millions of people suffering from diseases relating to water. The figures shown really make you reflect on how much responsibility we have regarding the water resources in our life, and how much we depend on water as much as the fish we see struggling for life.

The Story Loft was the main part of one group’s excursion in Frameries. This exhibition is constructed around various projectors and their projections on two to three screens. The three films, shown back-to-back, respond to each other; contrast and complement each other and show how everything is linked- work, leisure, the social and economic struggle. Around the screens, objects and documents tell the life stories of the workers’ and their families’ lives, and how they coped with everything that was happening at the time. It was an interesting hike, especially with the guide, since we learnt about the different kinds of rocks and stones that were formed on the heap (due to the lack of water and nutrients).

All in all, no matter how tiring the entire excursion was, we all went home knowing a little more about coal mines in Belgium.

By Anusha, 9th grade student