Grade 1 steps a hundred years back in time

DSC07234Last week Grade 1 had a great adventure as we stepped back in time.  As part of our Unit “Where We Are In Place and Time”, the children and teachers came dressed up to experience a day in a classroom 100 years ago.  The boys sat on one side, girls on the other.  They used slates and chalk to write with.  We all did the same activity at the very same time and there was very little talking allowed in the classroom that day!

They wore clothes similar to that of 100 years ago and played games like hopscotch, knuckle bones, hoops and used skipping ropes during recess time.  This experience really helped the children during their summative assessment as they were able to pull from that days’ experiences to compare their lifestyles now to those of children 100 years ago.

The Grade 1 team