Biography Breakfast: Big Hit with Grade 6 students

IMG_9122Can you imagine Beyoncé listening to the life history of Manjiro (the first Japanese person to go to America) … or Vladimir Putin and JRR Tolkien coming face to face with with Einstein?

NO?  Well, this is exactly what happened during our breakfast reception in the Middle/High School Library!

Having been introduced to the wide variety of biographies available in the MHS library, Grade 6 students checked out their chosen book to read during the Easter break.  In an attempt to “get under the skin” of their chosen famous person, students were invited to take on their chosen persona during a breakfast reception, hosted by the MHS Library.  Working with Mr Hicks in their Grade 6 English class, every student prepared well in order to arrive not only dressed as their chosen personality, but they were ready to be that person throughout the reception.

After initial introductions, guests chatted in small table groups sharing their greatest IMG_9140achievements and experiences on their way to realising their life goals. They mixed and mingled, talked to other guests and connected the life story of their own character with that of others.

Finally, each table of guests was asked to agree upon two pieces of advice, based on their experiences in life, which they would give to a grade 6 student:IMG_9143

“Always believe in yourself”
“Work hard and take full advantage of opportunities presented to you”
“Never give up”
 “Be prepared to take risks”
“Be yourself no matter what”
 “Make goals and build to them by smaller goals”
 “Step by step, set yourself goals in order to reach your dream”

At the end of the reception, students switched back to their real self.   When asked how they had found the experience, students reported how they had enjoyed it and really appreciated having an active listener who gave them the opportunity to talk passionately about their biographical character.

“It is one thing reading about the person, but quite another talking as them”

By Mr Hicks (MS English) & Mrs Richardson (MHS Library)