Student account of Grade 5/6 theater festival trip to Dresden

IMG_5309ISTA (International School Theater Association) is a four-day long trip to schools all over the world where you can have fun with old and new friends while enjoying drama. Each individual festival has a theme and ours was bridges. We learnt and thought about how they connect friendships, relationships and build trust. During the festival there are lots of fun adventures to take on, such as the workshops, acting with ensemble groups, presenting and much, much more. Although there were many really fun activities, we enjoyed the out and about the most.

Sticking with our theme, we went out into old Dresden and saw three of their historical bridges. On our way there and back we definitely turned some heads acting like monkeys, singing camp songs, and playing Simon says. On our tour we also saw a breathtaking palace. The cool thing about all these historic monuments is that they have all been almost completely reconstructed due to the bombings of World War II. After each drama filled day; our housers would pick us up from the school, and bring us to their nice cozy home. Our housers did awesome stuff with us such as, taking us to the local German fair, bowling, and- of course­- eating a good German Schnitzel.

First thing in the morning at 8:30 sharp we got back to our action packed day, with our workshops. The workshops variedIMG_5313 from singing musicals, to designing the next big fashion piece. It was really awesome to work with different people, on things you might have never been interested in. We did “Bringing Story to Life through Audio, From Manuscript: Page to Stage.” On the final day we shared our performances that we had been working hard on all week. It was so cool. There was singing, monsters, and even colorful ribbons (don’t ask.) It was time to say goodbye, to the new friends, the new bonds you had made, give emails, Instagram, hugs, and of course a few tears. ISTA was so awesome. I personally would go back every single year. I cannot express enough gratitude towards the people who make ISTA possible! To Mr. Adams, Mr. & Mrs. Hicks, and Ms. Anderson for being fun, joyful, magnificent chaperons, and dealing with our craziness. Thank You for all the staff at ISTA for sharing your love of drama and the arts with us, to make us better performers.  See you next year!

By Sydney and Mackenna, 6th grade students