Students reflect on attending UN youth event with Ban Ki-Moon

P028381000802-21818Last week, some of our 9th grade students had the privilege to attend a youth event where UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon spoke. During the event, a group of young people had the chance to get involved by asking Mr Ban their most pressing questions on development, the post-2015 agenda and other issues that are priorities for young people.

Below are some comments from our students about the event, now that they have had time to reflect on the experience:

“I really enjoyed when the 14 year old asked Ban Ki-Moon how he was going to make the world a better place for young people. It showed, just because you are young, doe not mean you cannot impact the world of tomorrow.” – Alexander

“What I liked most out of this event was the commitment of the youth on each of their topics. You could see that the world will evolve and we have some hope to have solutions to the problems ni the world when we listed to those young people.”– Virginie