Grade 2 students run Healthy Snack Shop to protect rain forests

class photos fundraising 037Last week students from Grade 2 held their second “Healthy Snack Shop” at recess where Elementary Students were invited to buy fresh food and yummy treats for a small sum.

After learning about deforestation of the rainforests in South America, Isabele Lima from Mrs. Carlin’s class was inspired to do something to help the people there. She got together with a group of friends and put forward an initial idea to her class teacher.  Ms. Anderson then agreed that the fundraising event was a fantastic idea and the organizing began. The girls got busy with poster making and presenting the idea to the rest of the ES school. Parents and children from Grade 2 provided a beautiful array of fresh fruit snacks and other healthy treats for everyone to enjoy on 2 Fridays in June.

Together, the two events raised over €300 and the proceeds will be going to a charity based in the UK called Cool Earth  (www.coolearth.orgCool Earth works alongside indigenous villages to halt rain forest destruction. Their mission is to give these villages the resources they need to keep the world’s most at-risk rain forest intact.

Thank you to all the students and parents for their efforts. You have really made a difference!

By Mrs. Carlin, Grade 2 teacher