Linking the Grade 6 trip with class work on the religious history of France

IMG_8482To link with the grade 6 Trip to France from September 6 – 12, the students of core class 6C in Religious Studies looked, read, talked about and analysed images of some events of the religious history of France. But the images had no labels and dates. Based on their initial descriptions and analysis of the images, they attempted to put the images in a timeline order.

A central character of the timeline history of France is the figure of Jeanne d’Arc, also known as Joan of Arc. A secondary character in the timeline is Marie Madeleine, the founder of the Congregation of religious sisters that started St. John’s International School in 1962. After receiving a help line in the form of correct descriptions, the students matched the images with the correct descriptions. Another round of discussions followed to look for a better timeline order of the images. Because of students’ previous knowledge, team work and input from the teacher, most of the students were able to come up with a satisfactory timeline of events.

By Ven de la Cruz, MS Religious Studies teacher
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