Introducing the MHS Library and Learning Commons

“Wow! It’s different. “
“You’ve moved the books!” 
“What was here? … oh yes, it was a wall….there is so much light.”
 “It is great!”

a2pix_121These were a few of the exclamations to be heard last week in the Middle/High School (MHS) Library as students arrived to choose a book and find a quiet space to read.  The MHS Library was transformed during the summer holiday, opening up the back of the library to provide a much needed space for reading, individual study and reflection.  This marks an important phase in the development of the MHS Library and Learning Commons at St. John’s.

The facility provides all members of the St. John’s Community with space to read, reflect and learn both individually and collaboratively.  It is a place where High School students may be deep in individual study in the quiet space or sharing insights into a Maths problem in the collaborative area.  Groups of Middle School students are to be found completely engrossed in a book, each student in a world of their own imagination, or quizzing each other in preparation for a quiz.  Teachers, too, take advantage of the Library Learning Commons, being content to read and work alongside their students.IMG_1105

The vision of the MHS Library and Learning Commons is coming alive now that there is much bustle and many different learning activities going on.  Parents, too, are welcome to check out our books or read a magazine.

A huge vote of thanks goes to the Concierge Team, the IT Team our Library Parent Volunteers, who helped to ensure that all was ready for our students on the first day of the school year.

By Margaret Richardson, MHS Library