Thank you to two very special St. John’s volunteers!

IMG_4054Today, we would like to recognize two super St. John’s volunteers. Molly and Charlotte are in their early twenties and moved to Belgium and St. John’s in January with their parents and brother Danny, who is in 9th grade. You can see them on campus every day, helping out wherever they can. Their mom Kerry tells us:

“The girls LOVE being a part of the St. John’s family. You can find Molly and Charlotte at St. John’s doing something at least five days a week, usually dressed in their spirit wear!

Joining the St. John’s Community Choir has allowed them to sing, which they love,IMG_3453 and be around Mrs. Swanson, who they adore! They have been warmly welcomed by the entire community. The girls started with concessions the second week we were here, and continue to serve there at least once a week. Booster President Janna Davis has trained them and encouraged them to build their skills, as have the other moms with whom they work. They attend every sporting event they can and love to cheer the Lions on. Molly is assisting this fall with the Girls Volleyball program and really loves feeling part of the team. Both students and coaches have welcomed her participation!

“I love to say hello to all the athletes and kids and moms that come to the concession stand every day, reports Molly, and I go to the games and root for my team! GO LIONS! I am happy my brother goes to this school!”

IMG_0590 (Copy)Charlotte enjoyed being on the Make Up Crew for the play “The Little Prince” under the tutelage of Maggie Adams. She is thrilled to be part of that team again for “Les Miserables”. Charlotte says “when I did the powder puff on the actors in the Little Prince I helped make the show great! Mrs. Adams needed me!” 

Both girls also worked at the bar for the Arts Support Program during many of the spring shows, and of course attend every one.

Molly worked at a Head Start pre-school in the U.S and hopes to start volunteering at TimberTops very soon.

Both girls are great athletes and enjoy running with the St. John’s Running Mums on Monday, IMG_5925Wednesday and Friday mornings, as well as on their own on other days. They also enjoy running in road races in the area, their latest was a 10K in Lasne in late August.

They hope to join Special Olympics Belgium this year, both were very involved in the U.S. Program. They played basketball, football, hockey, athletics, snowshoe and figure skating. One focus of Special Olympics is to “play unified” which means that athletes with and without intellectual disabilities compete together on the same team. We feel that the girls are helping to encourage this unified movement by showing the St. John’s family how capable people with Intellectual Disability (ID) are, and how we all are very much alike!

Thank you so much, Charlotte and Molly, for everything you do for St. John’s, we are so lucky to have you in our community!