“Parcours d’Artistes” features six St. John’s Artists in Residence

St. vernissage parcours centre culturel waterlooJohn’s Artists in Residence Michelle Cornezvisitors2, Jean-Louis Cornez, Debbie Corcoran, Alan Mitchell, Alexandra Tyson and Marianne Behaeghel participated in the Waterloo “Parcours d’Artistes” this past weekend. St John’s members of staff and management encouraged them by their presence at the private viewing on Friday at the Cultural Centre of Waterloo.

The artists welcomed many visitors in the Greene Gallery over the weekend and presented their artworks to the visitors3Waterloo community. The art exhibition in the Greene Gallery (Art building, Champ de Roussart) is open from 8.30 to 16:00 from Monday to Friday until Thursday October 22. All welcome!