St. John’s student gives lecture on “The Difficulty of Secularization”


The “Speaker of the House” Lecture Series at St. John’s is an initiative promoted and led by Dr. Jesus Castillo Coronado. These Lectures were conceived as a “space” where intellectual discussions can be carried out and where faculty and staff can share expertise and knowledge with one another.

After three years of successful lectures, it was decided to open the Speaker of the House to students. To make this change tangible, a 12th grade student was invited to offer the first lecture of this academic year. Hidde, a Dutch national who has been at St. John’s for five years, accepted the challenge and today presented on the implications and misunderstandings of the commonplace idea that “religion and politics should always be separated”. We thank Hidde for presenting on this topic which demands serious thinking and reflection.

Hidde plans to study Engineering at a university in the United Kingdom after graduating from St. John’s in June.