Students volunteer at refugee center in Brussels

Red Cross Project - student leadersWe traveled to Brussels on Sunday to volunteer in the refugee center. First we visited two red cross centers and asked questions, educating ourselves upon how the system works. I learnt that the whole process was very organised, and in the centers they received a place to eat, shower, and sleep.

Since the center needed to protect the privacy of the refugees, we were unable to enter, not giving us a chance to look around. After asking the questions to the staff, we left to go to another center, which we learnt was a place where the refugees could go to “school” and learn, and just hang out. We helped the staff make posters and hang up children’s artwork upon a wall, preparing for a presentation. We talked to some of the refugees, receiving insight upon their stories.

The whole experience made the crisis much more real to me, viewing first hand of how the situation is currently being handled.

By Matilda, Grade 12 student