Conflict resolution by Elementary School student peacemakers

Peacemaker collageWhat do Elementary School Peacemakers Do?

The peacemakers are trained to be out on the playgrounds ready to help if there is a problem between students or if there is an argument.  Being a peacemaker is about helping the students or the friends to solve conflicts and arguments themselves by helping them to talk about what happened. We can explain how maybe what they did or said could hurting someone else’s feelings.  Samuel – Grade 5

We help them to say sorry and have a handshake so that whatever was the matter is finished and done so that they don’t carry on the problem or the argument anymore. They can learn that it’s better to solve their own problems without us, but we are always there to help if they need us. Grace – Grade 4

Peacemaking is about helping to solve children’s problems and helping them to fix things in a non-conflict way. We are here at recess time and in the lunchroom to help the students to solve any problems and let them start playing together again and be happy in a win-win way. Samuel – Grade 4