Grade 6 Principles of Design – Wire sculptures

IMG_0392.JPGThe Grade 6 students have studied principles of design such as emphasis, proportion, pattern and balance by looking at examples of the work of Susan Graham, a wire sculpture artist. The students were given the task of creating their own 3D wire sculpture and, depending on the animal or insect they chose as a subject, to select one principal of design to focus on during the project.

We had to make a wire animal of our choice, I chose to model a cardinal bird. First we made sketches from all different angles to look at the animal’s shape and then progressed to making a 3D wire sculpture. The hardest part was getting the right shape and then making the model more solid. – John

Susan Graham makes her wire art statues look very realistic. I chose to do a harbor seal as it’s my favorite animal. I had to show a lot of perseverance because it was difficult to get the body to look right in 3D. This is my third go and I’m happy with it now as I think it has the right shape. – Patrick

We studied the principals of design and chose one of them, and then we could focus on the main idea of our project. I’m making a giraffe and trying to get the shape right, but I think I chose a difficult animal because of his neck. I’m trying to get his head the right shape and size for his body. – Alix

I decided to make a wire sculpture of a dog and it’s fun working with the wire, but very hard to make it as realistic as possible. I’d like my dog to stand up when it’s finished if I can. – Amedeo

Grade 6 and Ms. Tyson, MS Art Teacher