Visitors taste grade 6&7 food design recipes

Untitled-2 copyThe grade 6 & 7 Food design class shared snack foods they had each prepared for their final project. The students have been practising making and modifying recipes and their final project challenge was to design a sweet or savoury snack food. They have gone through a whole design process of brainstorming a recipe, then modifying and adapting it  from their first attempt. Their main task was to ensure that they had made an appropriate choice within the design parameters and challenges, which also included promoting their chosen snack food.  The mixed grade level grouping has meant that grade 6 students have been learning from the grade 7 students who already took a food tech course last year.

Visitors enjoyed a range of foods from savory pretzels, through pizza toasts to muesli fruit squares.

By Maggie Rose, MS Food Science and Food Technology teacher