Grade 7 Advisory raises self-awareness about refugee situation

imagesAs part of Advisory curriculum, Grade 7 students held an Assembly on Friday, December 11 at the PAC to present what they have found out about refugees from all over the world.

Mrs. Taylor’s advisory read short speeches of child refugees in first person,  explaining why they were migrating.

Ms. Farrell’s advisory described relevant geographical facts and information about certain countries that have produced refugees and how the United Nations respond to the crisis.

Ms. Tyson’s group simulated the experience of boat refugees crossing dangerous waters and examined what such experience does to people. (See a video clip about it:

Mr. Hicks’ advisory presented how certain European Union countries respond to the refugee crisis through a power point with music by Adele.

Finally, Ms. Meyer’s advisory asked audience about their opinions on certain statements over refugees.

This series of advisory activities was a follow-up to the talk of a St John’s International School parent, Dr Theiren, who spoke about the global refugee crisis from the perspective of World Health Organization. On Friday, December 18, Grades 7 will listen to a personal account of migration and settlement shared by four Syrian refugees who arrived in Belgium in September 2015.

By the Grade 7 team