“What a perfect year looks like” – a 5th grader’s perspective

MaharajNormally, everybody wants things to go their way all year long.

My perfect year would be to get my family and friends together and have a wonderful family reunion. It’s nice to be with your family because they are easy to talk to and they comfort you. Having to take a risk on something you never thought of doing is awesome! You get to experience the feeling of trying something new and being very proud that you accomplished it. I am curious about all the places, cultures, and traditions I had not discovered yet. I love travelling and learning about other cultures and traditions for they are fascinating. Everyone is uncertain, for the terrorists are making the people panic and they are becoming afraid. I think everyone should live in harmony. Global warming is affecting all of us. If we find a solution to global warming, it will help animals and humans stop suffering.

Sometimes things don’t go the way you want them to, but you still have a lifetime ahead of you.

By Jyotika, Grade 5 student