St. John’s students are treated to a special concert today

_RB_2164Our students are in for a treat during school time today as they are invited to a special concert by Candy Robbers. The band will play two concerts this afternoon in the theater: the first one for our Elementary students and a second one for Middle and High School.
Candy Robbers is a Belgian-American indie pop band featuring a St. John’s alumnus, Axel Olson (class of 2010). When Axel and met Max at a jam session in Brussels 10 years ago, they hit it off immediately. The pivotal moment took place during a trip to London in 2012 when the two friends spent nights jamming and writing. Candy Robbers had been born. The founding duo recorded a first EP, released in January 2014. Since then they’ve been joined by Clement on bass and Remy on drums.
Candy Robbers won the Belgian “Battle of the Bands” and came 8th in the worldwide edition.