Kindergarten students visit Fondation Folon


The children from Kindergarten enjoyed a fun field trip last Thursday. They visited the Fondation Folon in La Hulpe.

Jean-Michael Folon was a local Belgian artist, renowned for his watercolors, illustrations and sculptures. You may have seen some of his sculptures of the man in a hat around the Brussels area.

Here are some of the things the children enjoyed whilst we were there:
Sarah: “the man in the sky and the stars.”
Viktoria: “the moving sculpture.”
Iris: “I liked to eat there.”
Allis: “I liked the twinkling stars.”
Pol: “the man who climbed in the stars.”
Sondre: “I liked when the mirrors were around us. We were inside his head.”
Malena: “There was a dress with eyes.”
Ema: “I liked how he was drawing the head.”

By Charlotte Jourion, Kindergarten teacher