Grade 1 students explore Destiny search program

Photo 1The grade 1 students were introduced to Destiny search system in the Elementary School library so that they can begin to understand what the older students do when they are searching for books. The visual search, which is primarily with pictures, allows them to see which books are available. After that point a parent volunteer or Ms. Rutland help them choose an individual book and find it on the shelves. We will not be expecting the grade 1 students to use Destiny, but we will be letting them explore it with the idea that when they get to grade 2 they will be ready to use it correctly.

Photo 2“You click with the mouse and then you can choose the picture for the kind of book you want. I choose animals and clicked on it , I could see all the books about different animals.” Celia

Photo 3

“When you find your book, you look at the number of the book and write it on a paper. Then Ms Rutland can help you find the shelf for your book because she knows where the numbers are.” Fahad

By Ms. Rutland, ES Library Coordinator