Grade 8 students focus on character strengths

IMG_20160125_110433.jpgIn Religious Studies, Grade 8 students asked and named which character strengths Martin Luther, the German monk who started the Protestant movement in the Western Christian Church in 1517, used when he protested against the practice of indulgences in Medieval Ages. In this activity, the students had been prompted by the list of 24 character strengths which are illustrated in colourful cards and arranged in a circle. (Click on this website: for information about the 24 character strengths).

To gain some knowledge about Martin Luther, the students had read a short paragraph about the practice of indulgences and had seen a two-minute video clip of the biographical film “Luther”.  This activity is part of the unit question on why there are different Christian Churches in the world today. Grade 7 students, on the other hand, read and summarized a letter of Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church to the world on the occasion of the World Day of Migrants and Refugees on January 17 ( .  Around a “strengths circle”, the students asked and named which character strengths Pope Francis showed when he called on the world to listen and respond to the plight of refugees and migrants. This activity is part of the unit question on what religions do to alleviate suffering in the world, especially that of migrants and refugees. The focus on character strengths is timed to coincide with the Middle School Assembly on character strengths this morning.

By Ven de la Cruz, MS Religious Studies Teacher