Grade 5 students prepare for Climate Change Summit

Group 2The Grade 5 students have been working together in preparation for the St. John’s Climate Change Summit 2016. Each student will be acting as a representative for their home country.

The students were shown a video relating to climate change as an inspiration or a prompt and were then put into six committees, each one tasked with addressing one of six specific issues with regard to climate change: transportation, health, waste, flora & fauna, weather change and energy. These committees defined a central idea to address their  particular issue, and then they split into sub-committees to develop lines of inquiry which they then researched.Group 1

At this moment in time, each committee has put together a PowerPoint presentation to explain the issue they have been researching and they are in the process of sharing their findings.

The next step will be for the committees to develop strategic plans to come up with solutions to address the issues they have investigated.