Grade 9 discusses importance of academic honesty

IMG_1059.jpgHow many times are those words uttered by a young person for a variety of reasons? These words capture the essence of  the Grade 9 Assembly, when students performed four different skits depicting incidents of academic dishonesty and their consequences.

Earlier in the term, students discussed the importance of “Academic Honesty” and what is involved; students worked in their advisory groups  to write their scripts.  They included an original rap, a musical composition and added more than a touch of humour both to entertain and to inform.

On Friday, Grade 9 made it very clear that:IMG_1148
“It’s not fair”… to cheat in an examination.
“It’s not fair” … to get the answers to examination question beforehand (even if you pay for them!)
“It’s not fair”… to pretend to have ideas which are not your own.
“It’s not fair”… to let another student copy your examination paper.
“It’s not fair”… to leave all the group work to the rest of the group.
“It’s not fair”… to do all the work yourself when it is a group project.

IMG_1154.jpgThank you to Grade 9 students and advisors for highlighting an important value which helps us to act with integrity and respect as we progress along our lifelong learning journey.

By Margaret Richardson, MHS Information Literacy Specialist