Middle School Language Arts promotes reading

For one Language Arts (LA)/English as an Additional Language (EAL) period every two-week cycle, Middle School students are reading in the library’s silent room. The aim of the bi-weekly reading period is to promote independent reading among students, by giving students a chance to choose their own text, and read comfortably for an extended period of time. Additionally, supporting more independent reading time enhances literacy skills and develops academic vocabulary. We have observed that more students are reading more during their free time, talking more about what they are reading, and insisting on having more time to read in class. by … Continue reading Middle School Language Arts promotes reading

St. John’s team participates in NATO simulation

The St. John’s International School’s Model NATO team was invited to a North Atlantic Council PAC simulation along with three other regional schools. The theme of the simulation was ‘Democracy, Privacy and Security ‘. Our school was proud to represent Ministers from the U.K., Germany, Greece, Poland and Estonia and debated a variety of topics, including cyber threats and power supply security. Students had the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of NATO and International relations issues in some very exciting debates. Continue reading St. John’s team participates in NATO simulation

How many cookies are in the jar?

During Student Led Conferences the Grade 1 students had been asked to estimate, with the help of Mom and Dad, “How many cookies are in the jar?” and to record their answers. The real inquiry happened today when we had to decide how we were going to find the answer. The children collaborated in finding ways to count, prove the number they came up with, and agree on totals. They then had the additional challenge of adding all the numbers together!  It was a fascinating day full of math inquiry! Continue reading How many cookies are in the jar?

Students write their own Greek myths

Grade 7 students have been learning about Greek mythology by investigating the roles of gods and goddesses, examining the structure and register of a Greek myth and exploring new ideas for stories. As a culminating project for the unit, students wrote their own myths, in which they invented new characters, morals and story lines related to their interests. Some of the news ideas included “how dogs were created”, “how the stars were thrown into the sky” and “how dreams came into our minds”. The students presented their stories to the class in Greek fashion, by wearing togas. By Ashleigh Meyer, Language … Continue reading Students write their own Greek myths

IB Visual Art Show and Auction on April 15

Join us for the opening of the IB Visual Art Show on Friday, April 15 from 18:00-20:00 in the Greene Gallery. The annual auction in aid of The Rahula Trust will start at 19:00. The exhibition features a selection of their work for the IB examination in a wide variety of media including drawing, painting, printmaking, digital photography and stop motion animation, fashion design, ceramics, sculpture, model-making and work in mixed media. We invite you to celebrate their achievement and wish them well for the future especially those students who are planning to study art and design further and pursue creative and academic careers … Continue reading IB Visual Art Show and Auction on April 15

European Central Bank awards special prize to St. John’s

St. John’s has a very successful track record in the Generation Euro competition of the European Central Bank. St. John’s won the event in 2014 and finished 3rd in the finals in 2015. All three St. John’s teams made it to the second round of this year’s competition. It has now been announced that team Micromaniacs, made up of Victoria, Soraya, Rushil, Pierre-Louis, has been awarded a special prize for creativity: “The jury decided this year to award a special prize for creativity to Team Macromaniacs (St. John’s International School). It means that, even though they are not one of … Continue reading European Central Bank awards special prize to St. John’s