The meaning behind the St. John’s values

At St. John’s we feel passionate about our guiding statements and what they represent. We would like to share the meaning behind our three core values of Companionship, Respect and Integrity:

Companionship—the gentleness to befriend and strength to accompany
IMG_6012.jpgTrue teaching only takes place when there is a strong sense of shared experience and companionship. This is true of our entire St. John’s family: our faculty and staff, our parents and alumni. Education is the joined effort of many, of home and school, of the teaching team, and of the supporting community.

Integrity—being true to ourselves, to each other, and to our world
To learn to see oneself as a valid and loved human being image1 (5)whose life is sacred and unique is the beginning of true education. Integrity requires the courage to become wholly human with an interest far beyond personal gain. Integrity feeds a sense of responsibility to lead and serve others.

Respect—of people, languages, cultures, beliefs and values
20151010_171339_resizedRespect is crucial to the human context and the beginning of all great thinking.
Rather than relying on the efficiency of stereotypes we challenge each other to postpone judgment, to explore, to listen, and to appreciate. The model of discussion and inquiry, the empowerment of the other, forgiveness and acceptance, care for the environment, and a desire to serve the community including those less fortunate, are all elements of respect and form the basis of a worthy life and a just society.

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