Student council organizes “Relay Recess” event

IMG_1672.JPGA group of the Elementary School student council members launched the “Relay Recess” event with a presentation at assembly to explain how every student can be part of this fun day and help to make a difference in the lives of children with cancer. St. John’s will be the first Elementary school in Belgium to hold the event.

“Welcome to the new, exciting, awesome, excellent, fabulous Relay Recess event!

 It’s a unique event that’s going to happen on Friday the 13th May and everyone will be there, even if they don’t want to walk or run on the track. There are three parts to the day, fundraising, education, and physical activity. The first important part is raising money, and we’ll be holding events and getting sponsors to raise as much money as we can for Team Relay Recess. Did you know that for €1000 you can send a child with cancer to summer camp? We want to raise a lot more than that. All of the money raised will go to the Belgian Foundation Against Cancer. The first event is going to be this week and it’s a bake sale run by the grade 4 students.

 The day is going to start in the morning with some workshops all about healthy eating, keeping yourself fit, and using sun screen, and things that can harm you like smoking and other things to keep you safe. There’s going to be a healthy lunch in the cafeteria and the students who bring cold lunch will be asked to have a healthy lunch too.

 In the afternoon, the students will be running or walking around the track and they’ll get sponsors for each lap they finish. Everyone can join in, even if they are fundraising or not. We’re going to wear colorful tops and accessories and it’s going to be a lot of fun, with cheering and lots of noise going on. There’s going to be fruit snacks and water to keep us going and we hope lots of parents will come and cheer us too.  Remember: Together we can make a difference!”

Joshua, Sophia D, Martha, Grace, Vilja, Sophia A

More information is available on the Relay Recess website:

So, please save the date and be on the lookout for more information coming soon. In the meantime we have created a team on the webpage of the International Community of Belgium’s Relay For Life page. The link is  You can make donations to the Relay Recess St. John’s Team as a whole or you are welcome to register yourself and/or your child as a member of the team and donate monies raised by your own fundraising onto your own name.

Thank you for your support!