The 6th grade biography tea party

IMG_1553.JPGOver the past several weeks, the 6th graders have been working on a big project – the biography project. We each chose someone to study, read their biography, then did each of the three parts of the project: a short essay, a PowerPoint presentation, and an interactive oral activity called the tea party. At the beginning of the tea party activity, we were escorted by our teachers into the Audiovisual Room of the library. The tables were set with refreshments for the students, in character, to sit down, eat, and talk.

At first, we each introduced ourselves, saying who we were and what we did to become famous. Next, we split into partners and talked to each other, answering questions like “How did you overcome difficulties?” and “What were the major events which influenced you in your life?” This was followed by a bit of mingling where we could talk to other people around the room, and then a short sharing session where we told the class what we had learned. I found this exercise to be very enjoyable, especially the partner interaction session. I represented Richard Feynman, and I learned a lot about him during my research, and about my partner, Ché Guevara, in that session. It was also great fun to be able to talk as someone other than ourselves. If I was given the chance, I would certainly do the tea IMG_1533party again.

Sarah: A highlight of my week was the tea party.  I attended as Amelia Earhart and I most enjoyed visiting with inspiring people from all different times and years.  I particularly liked learning about, and talking to, Babe Ruth and Jane Goodall with whom I had the pleasure of sitting.  I had a fantastic time and learned about so many people who influenced the world as we know it.  Throughout this project I have learned some very important things from all these fascinating people, like to follow my dreams, and to never give up no matter how hard it is.  I hope my friends and I follow in their footsteps one day.

by John, Grade 6