Students learn to Design with Food in grade 6

IMG_1082Students of Food Design (a grade 6 & 7 rotation course of 12 weeks) are learning how to modify recipes and how to make classic desserts and snacks more healthy.  These students in groups of 2-3 have been shown a basic recipe for an apple crumble, and have had to make decisions about the ideal taste, texture and appearance to improve it.

Some of the choices they made included changing the fruit, or adding a colourful accent fruit such as blueberries, strawberries or cranberries (dried or fresh) and changing the topping to add nutrients, additional crunch or interest.  I am happy to report that all the “experiments” were very tasty and we now have some novice cooks with increased confidence to be a creative contributor at home in the kitchen as well.

The course is almost over, and this activity gave students practice for their final project that requires them to create a snack food for teens that is a good source of energy, fun to eat and a challenge to their technical skills—be prepared to be tempted by yummy smells coming out of St. John’s middle school very soon!