The Grade 5 PYP exhibition is one day away!

Tomorrow, after months of planning and preparation, the 5th graders will be making their PYP exhibition presentations. It will be a big day for them (and for their parents!). Each student has worked on their own individual projects, but this year there has been a great deal of team work going on in three different settings. You will need to come along to the Opening Ceremony at 12:00  to find the answer to these 3 questions: Why has one group been having fun with cardboard boxes with Mrs. Hicks? Why has another group has been seen practising in the dance … Continue reading The Grade 5 PYP exhibition is one day away!

Dutch 9th grade students visit Bruges

This week, Dutch 9th grade took a trip to Bruges. The students had to arrange everything by themselves, in Dutch: buy train tickets on a Dutch language website, follow a Dutch map to find specific places in town, order boat tickets, museum tickets and lunch in Dutch. Here are the students’ comments about the trip (in Dutch): Gisteren gaat de Nederlandse klas naar Brugge.  Joud Wij vroegen een paar mensen waar het minnewater was en  vervolgens eindigden we met het vinden van de tuin waar mevrouw D  op ons wacht. De tuin was vol bloemen. De tuin was heel mooi … Continue reading Dutch 9th grade students visit Bruges

Kindergarten explores changes in their garden

It is all about changes in nature, spring, life cycles and sequencing in Kindergarten for Beech and Maple class now! We were out in our beautiful playground observing signs of spring.  We saw different types of flowers blossoming like daffodils, blue bells and tulips. We found all sort of unusual sprouts, insects and other elements to make connections with our current unit of inquiry “Changes”. Madame Limbourg let us see the eggs our chickens lay every day and with the bird houses that hang from our trees, we hope birds will find them cosy and safe enough to lay their own eggs in our … Continue reading Kindergarten explores changes in their garden