The Last Days of Jesus as breaking news

What if the last moments of Jesus – the Holy Week – were a “breaking news” item in a TV newscast set in the glory days of the Roman Empire in Rome? This was the idea behind the retelling of the last days of Jesus during the Lent-Easter Middle School Liturgy Assembly on Thursday, March 23rd in the PAC. In this retelling, five Grade 8 students played the role of TV news anchors and correspondents. The short video clip here is an introductory clip to the made-up TV news program. Grade 8 and some Grade 6 students in Religious Studies class did “freeze frames” or tableaux pictures of the highlight moments of the last days of Jesus leading up to his Resurrection. They were all assembled in a Power Point and used as background digital images of the fake news program.

By Ven de la Cruz,  Religious Studies MS Teacher