Grade 7 launches recycling e-wastes campaign

r2-certified-e-waste-recyclingAs an extension service project to recycling paper and carton, the Grade 7 Advisory is launching Recycling E-Wastes Service Project.

We encourage the St. John’s community – parents, staff, and students – to do “urban mining” for the next two weeks and collect e-wastes at home and school and deposit them in drop boxes. By doing this campaign, we would like to raise awareness about the life of child miners, chimpanzees, and the environment and the production and consumption of mobiles are interconnected.

The campaign will last from Monday, April 18 to Thursday, April 28. The drop boxes are located around campus.

At the end of the campaign, a Belgian recycling company RECYCA will collect the filled boxes (maximum weight of each box: 25 kg). A portion of the financial value of the recycled goods will be donated to a Jane Goodall Institute Belgium project that benefits habitat protection of chimpanzees, youth scholarship in Democratic Republic of Congo, and environmental protection both here in Belgium as well as in Congo.

Consciousness will be raised about the issue of e-wastes, chimpanzees, child miners, responsible consumption of goods, and the protection of the environment.

by Ven de la Cruz, Grade 7 leader