Grade 6 students find their rhythm

Students in the grade 6 music class have just finished their class project on Rhythm. They began by researching web resources including YouTube for performances such as Latin Groove kids, Leon & Joshua, Lunch, Cups, and White Winter Hymnal.  Using what they had found as inspiration they were asked to create and compose their own small group “body percussion”. Every group did very well, but the whole class agreed that  Frédéric, Minsung and Thomas (‘in action’ here) were amazing!

Our next subject is ‘The Instruments of the Orchestra’. The first task is to discover the different sections of an orchestra and the musical instruments that make up each section.  The students researched online to find the 4 groups of the orchestra (string, woodwind, brass and percussion) and identify which instruments belong to each group.  They were instructed to watch ‘The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra’ with narrator Mark Laycock and by listening carefully to his narration every group could find all the answers to their set of questions.


By Ms. Van de Sompele, MS Music Teacher