Students visit British Library in London

IMG_0343.JPGOn Monday 9 May, Mr. Macdonald’s Extended Essay students went to the British Library and the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London for a research trip.

Students had previously ordered 10 books via the Internet and the books were waiting for them in the reading rooms. The students spent the day reading and taking notes in the reading rooms using a variety of historical sources, most of which would be difficult to obtain outside the British Library.

The students were accompanied by  Mr. Macdonald, Mme. Froidcoeur and the two librarians, Mrs. Richardson and Mrs. Ebbs.

The SOAS library offered an extensive array of material covering China which cannot be found elsewhere. The students reveled in being able to study in such prestigious surroundings.

By Mr. Macdonald, HS teacher