Grade 4 present business plans to 10th graders

IMG_1248Recently, the Grade 4 students organised a bake sale business experience as the first stage of their Unit of Inquiry “Work Systems That Work”, and raised over €1600 for the ES charity event “Relay Recess” which takes place on Friday this week. Following on from this huge success, mixed groups from the three classes worked together to come up with a new business plan for a fund raiser to involve High School students.  The nine groups then presented their plans to the whole grade and each student voted to choose the best three.

The three winning plans were presented today to Mme. Froidcoeur’s High School business class who will decide on the best one following a set of criteria including financial planning, advertising strategies, presentation skills and projected profits. The three groups and their fund raising proposals were:

Key to success: A sponsored Pie-eating contest. HS students have to eat gummy worms IMG_1234.JPGfrom a cream pie without using their hands.

Hoklin Helpers: People can pay to throw a cream pie at teachers, parents or friends (they have already found several teachers who are willing to be targets!)

Lions: Will make tie-dye T-shirts to order. A great idea as presents for leavers or friends.

The students did a great job with their presentations and now have to wait to find out which project has the most votes and will become the final fundraiser for grade 4.

Watch this space to see what happens next!

The grade 4 team