Author shares importance of historical fiction

IMG_9306The seventh grade class has been reading the young adult book The Other Side of Truth by Beverly Naidoo in order to study realistic fiction. While studying this genre, we were fortunate to have an author of historical fiction to come to our school to explain the importance and relevance of realistic and historical fiction in today’s world.

Paula de Fougerolles has written two historical fiction novels, The Chronicles of Iona: Prophet  and Exile, both of which are in our school library for advanced and high school readers. She took the time to explain to the students the ways in which writers, such as herself and Naidoo, use fictional characters to give voice to the voiceless in reality. At the end of the presentation, students were given a real photograph of refugees at the Hungarian border and asked to describe the Point-of-view from different perspectives in the photograph. Mrs. Fougerolles is a St.John’s parent,  so the enthusiasm and warmth of sharing her talent was a special treat.  Thank you for one more reason to love learning in the St. John’s community!

By Carolyn Reeb, MS/HS English Teacher