Students participate in Theater Festival in Germany

A group of grade 4 – 6 students attended the ISTA Primary Schools Festival at Wiesbaden on 19-22 May. They were welcomed by host families and followed a full program of drama and music workshops, as well as visits to local cultural and educational sites. The theme for the week was “Castles, Knights, and Magical Tales”, exploring the legends of long ago and what they can tell us about ourselves today. By exploring the past, the students were encouraged to bring the stories to life and make dramatic theatre. The workshops led up to presentations in small ensembles and a final performance as a whole group.

We had a lot of fun on the trips out and I really liked the small group activities and the drama workshops. At the end we performed a really fun show and made up a song together. Isabella

I enjoyed staying with the host family. My family had a dog that could do high fives and tricks! The theme was castles and knights and it was fun to look back at the stories from then. We had a really interesting trip to a castle as well, and I loved the final performance we did. Alice

The ensembles were fun to work in and I made new friends. The castle was amazing and we had to follow a trail in our bare feet and other games. Overall it was a cool and fun experience. I loved everything! Juan

It was nice to meet other schools and we made friends quickly. It was great in the different activities, both in the smaller groups and in the whole group. I enjoyed the game activities at the castle too. Sophia