Grade 10 students impress experts with their business plans

The expert panel

The St. John’s Grade 10 Business students presented their business plans to a panel of experts yesterday, in a “Dragon’s Den” style setting, appropriately called “The Lion’s Den”.

The students have been working on their business plans, in teams, since March. The plans had to include financial information, product development and marketing strategies and was to be presented by the entire team.

The experts were very impressed with the presentations. “It is amazing to see 15-year old students with such great business ideas. This is an excellent exercise for them at this age,” says Francois-Xavier Houins, who is the owner of the Ancho and SushiShop restaurants in Waterloo.

Dena Devaney, Regional Treasurer for Mastercard Europe and a St. John’s parent, comments: “The entrepreneurial spirit in the room was invigorating. The presentations effectively demonstrated the depth of their product knowledge and research. The degree of creativity coupled with the customer-centric focus was very impressive.  They are all young entrepreneurs in the making and they should be very proud of what they’ve accomplished at such a young age.”

Laurent Karim, founder of Zendo drinks and a St. John’s alumnus mentions: “The presentations were far beyond my expectations. I am very impressed with the quality and several projects, if further developed, could really be something big!”

Well done to our 10th graders!