Grade 2 visits PASS-Scientific Adventure Park

12Our second grade classes enjoyed a day of learning at the PASS science museum. Here are some of the highlights as written by the children:

“We saw a movie about miners. This job is really dangerous and hard.” Alexandre

“I found out that long ago, the museum was a coal mine…Sometimes the mines would collapse and sometimes there was gas that could explode or suffocate the miner.” Ryan S.

“The adventure park was really fun. You had to trust your friends.” Victoria

“In the park, we climbed…we helped each other.” Estelle

“The acro-bat park was so fun. I even went 3 times!” Arturo

“When we did the stop motion animation, we used a camera, computer and Playmobil 13toys. We had to move the Playmobile each time we did the picture and it made a short video.” Birgitte

“The best part was stop motion animation. It was awesome.” Jean

By the Grade 2 team