“Shadowing” day for fifth graders

IMG_1536.JPGThe Grade 5 students have been shadowing Middle School classes this week in preparation for their move up to MS next year.  The students have had a pre-meeting with the MS guidance counselor, which gave them a chance to get answers to their questions about Middle School and how it differs from Elementary.  They are understandably nervous about the transition from being the most senior group in ES to becoming the youngest group in MS. A lot of the questions center around the day to day routine, with queries about how lunch works and excitement about having their own locker. The shadowing program gives the students a chance to spend a day with a Middle School buddy, follow the lesson schedule, be in the hallways and lunch room, learn about the routine, and meet the friendly faces who will be their teachers next year.

This group was lucky enough to be shadowing on a day when the Food Design class was presenting their final project and acted as assistants as the many visitors arrived to sample the food on display. The class has taken recipes and redesigned the ingredients to make a product that is nutritious, fun to eat and meets the criteria of a snack for an active MS student. Their food had to be suitable to be sold in a sports complex cafeteria or from a vending machine and they have also designed the packaging. Judging by the reactions of the visitors (and the shadowing fifth graders), the food was also delicious!