Today is “Jump-Up Day in Elementary School!

IMG_1784.JPGGrade 5 have already had the chance to visit Middle School with the shadowing program and experience a little of what grade 6 will be like. Now it is the chance for the other grades to have a taste of what to expect next school year. Each grade, from K – 5 will be both hosting the students from the grade below them and visiting the grade above them.

It’s a chance to meet their new teaching teams, for those visiting to talk about anything they are excited or worried about, and for those hosting to reassure and explain.

Listening to the happy chatter, although there were some concerns about things like maybe more homework and new Math concepts, most of the conversations were excitement and anticipation about what the younger students had seen the older ones doing during the year.

“I can’t wait to do the PYP Exhibition.”
“We get to wear uniform like the big kids!”
“We have our own building, just for grade 3!”
“I’m excited about learning Dutch.”
“I just can’t wait for next year!”