New families orientation day at St. John’s

Today, St. John’s ushered in the newest members of our diverse family. Like in the past, these families, too, are joining us from all over the world. There’s a thrill in being introduced to something new. It comes with its own set of promises and commitment to revision. We know the emotions our incoming families are experiencing and hope that more than anything, you are excited, with only a tiny tinge of nervousness.


Every year, we do our very best to assist new families in this thrilling new phase of their lives. Moving to a new school can be nerve-racking, but you will find our extensive experience with expats and international families to be a great and comforting resource. The inclusive nature of St Johns’ international community will make for a smooth transition, and soon you will feel right at home!


We welcome you with elation and open arms and cannot wait to get to know you better through numerous activities and events!