Middle Schoolers Making the Rules!

IMG_3152.JPGOur school does not just impart bookish knowledge. It also helps our students learn life skills that will guide them through life. Our incredible teachers are constantly spearheading ingenious ideas and activities that not only engage the students, but at the same time help them understand and be a part of the bigger picture, while honing leadership skills and purpose. To this effect, the Middle School organizes an exciting activity!

Every second week during the school year, the Middle School organizes an assembly for its  IMG_3162.JPGstudents. During this time the students work in multiple smaller advisory groups. They are then urged to think about and make various suggestions while also considering the implications of their proposals to the MS-wide set of essential agreements. Once the propositions have been read and revised, they are used as an ‘official’ charter all through the Middle School.

For the next two weeks, until the next assembly, this charter is used as the Rule Book. It basically dictates the way to communicate and engage with one another not only in the classroom environment, but also in the wider St. John’s community, thus making our students the rule makers, and not just followers!