St. John’s students swim their way to fitness!

Coaches Ruth, Marc, Simon and Susan train students from grades 2, 3 and 4 in St. John’s distinguished Swim Program. The students meet at least three times a month, where they are taught the rules and methods, abiding with the Canadian Red Cross water safety instructions. The class takes place at the Waterloo Community Pool. Many of the students that participate in the Swim Program end up being proficient enough to join St. John’ very own swim team!


The program is structured to coach the students on fitness activities, swimming styles, and skills and water safety through the program. There are 4 levels for each grade. At the highest level of 4, the fourth graders will be able to swim a distance of over 500 meters and dive. The third graders will learn the elementary back stroke and be able to tread the water for 2 minutes. The second graders will learn head first sculling on the back and self-rescue. These are a few examples of the various skills the students are taught to master which also include the front crawl, back crawl, whip kick, dolphin kick, and various water safety issues such as choking rescue, what to do during hypothermia, boating regulations, rescue through ice, and so on.

At the end of every class, the students are rewarded with some play-filled aquatic down time, where they are allowed to use the slides and just have a great time in the water!